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Airbnb Management in London

Short Term Let Management
for Properties in London

Keep 85% of the Income with 0% of the Stress

Short Let Management in London

Who Are We

Airbnb Management in London.

We’re a female led Short Let Property Management company in London.

In short, we offer a full service management solution for landlords and only take a small sum on each let.

No Spending   No Risk    Nothing to Lose

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We Manage your Airbnb

Airbnb Letting Management

Guest Screening

Eligiblity Check
Firstly, we screen your guests to check their overall suitability.

Maximum Occupancy

Dynamic Pricing
Effeciently, our pricing strategy will fill any available dates.


Part Time Renting
Favourably, you can rent with us with no minimum terms.

Guest Communication

Available 24/7
Secondly, we handle all guest queries or issues so you can relax.

Quick Payments

Instant Transfers
Handily, we send your payments straight to your bank account.

Fixed Income

Guaranteed Income
At times, we provide a fixed income so you always have cashflow

Key Management

Secure Exchange
Thirdly, we use smart tracking technology to manage your keys.

Booking Management

Smart Technology
We manage guest bookings from a number of platforms.

Insurance Cover

Extra Protection & Safety
Insurance cover from £50.00 to £1,000,000 - Premium Service.

Cleaning & Laundry

Clean Between Guests
Next, we clean and provide towels, linens, cloths & mats.


Professional Images
We'll design & photograph your property - Premium Service.

Landlord Portal

Check on your Property
Lastly, log in and check pictures to see that all is well with your place.

Why Landlords Choose Us

Currently, our Airbnb letting service management solution offers:

  • Hands-Off Renting  
  • Professional Pictures
  • Hotel Pricing Technology
  • No Stress
  • Above All, More Money!

In short, all of our current landlords earn up to 40% more money working with us.

In addition, they also benefit from having:

  • A Well Maintained Property
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • A Fully Serviced Accommodation
  • More Time to Grow Their Portfolios
  • Support From A Team of Property Professionals

As a result – you’ll have no stress and more money!

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So, to register your interest in our Airbnb letting management service, please complete the form on our Contact Us page.

After that, a member of our friendly professional team will be in touch with you shortly.

Airbnb Property Management in London

We'll Manage Your Airbnb London UK

So, are you interested in making rental income from Airbnb but need someone to manage your property for you?

At Mini Stay UK we provide hassle free management of vacation rental properties and other residences in the London area. In other words, we take care of everything for you, from navigating Airbnb’s terms and conditions to creating and updating your Airbnb listing and dealing with Airbnb guest communications

To clarify, our customer service includes listing, cleaning, linen and towel changes and screening all guests. Also, with our smart key tracking technology, you don’t even need to be there to pass the keys to the guest!

Favourably, Airbnb and appeal to tourists and business travellers.

As a result, you can earn between 40% to 80% more money with short letting your property.

In conclusion, if you’d like earn more money, and do less work

Try Our Management Solution Today!


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